Writing Question

Writing Question


In this class, we will read much about differentiated instruction from a general point of view. The purpose of this assignment is for you to learn more about the research on differentiated instruction in your content area shows us. For this assignment, you will identify two peer-reviewed scholarly articles and write a summary/synthesis of those articles. The articles you identify must describe an empirical research study (quantitative or qualitative). Thus, literature reviews, meta-analyses, and practitioner-oriented journal articles should not be selected and summarized for this assignment. You should choose articles that are relevant to your specific teaching field and differentiated instruction. The connecting theme of the two articles will inform your practice in differentiating instruction in your content field. Your micro-literature review should be 2 – 4 pages max (I will stop reading and not grade beyond four pages).

Your article summary should include the following information:

An introduction paragraph that provides background on the topic/theme of the two articles.

A description of how you identified the articles. Describe the process for how you identified the articles so clearly that I could follow your directions and locate the articles myself. Include this information:

What database did you use to conduct your search?

  1. What search terms did you use?
  2. What parameters/limitations did you use in your search (e.g., peer-reviewed, full text only, published in the last ten years, written in English)?

Explain why you selected the two particular articles for your review (quality? relevance?)

  • A succinct summary of all two articles. For each article, include the following information:
  • Who were the participants?
  • What data were collected?
  • What were the significant findings of the study?
  1. What big takeaways can be made from the study (i.e., did it answer any questions or provide implications for teaching?)?

Each article summary should be an individual paragraph.

  • Provide a synthesis paragraph, or paragraphs, that describe(s):
  • consistencies between the two articles
  • inconsistencies
  • big findings from the studies
  • questions that you still have
  1. how you can integrate the results of this study into your daily practice.

Complete the following table and include it in your paper

  • The information in each cell should be the bare minimum needed to convey the indicated information (i.e., don’t write a paragraph when a single sentence will suffice).
  • For cells that require numerous bits of information (e.g., participants info, major findings), provide a neat bulleted list.
  • Delete the information that is in parentheses below to make your table cleaner.