Write an email message

Write an email message


Pretend you are the HR Manager at company X. In such post you are responsible for disseminating all employee relations information to the entire organization. This morning you received a call from the CEO (Chief Executive Officer), Mr. Peter Gallagher and he offered his resignation effective April 15. He wishes to announce that his replacement will be Mr. Jerry Barnes, the current VP of finance. Mr. Gallagher also instructed you to write and send out an email message by COB (close of business) today addressing everyone in the company of the news. 

Please prepare an email message and post it here. Pay attention to email format, sentence structure, spelling and mechanics.  Take a look at the attached SAMPLE EMAIL and make certain you include ALL OF THE REQUIRED FIELDS IN YOUR MESSAGE. 

Part 2)  In order to get full credit for this Assignment: ( For full credit, Minimum of 3 total posts as described in a and b below).

a) You must post your Initial Post  AND

b) Submit Response Posts to at least 2 (two) other posts.


To: All Company X Staff

Subject: Change of CEO

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all doing well!

Unfortunately, I must inform you all that our CEO, Peter Gallagher, will resign effective April 15. He will be replaced by Jerry Barnes, the current vice president of finance. I know this may be cause of concern. Although I cannot make any promises regarding how this change will affect the company moving forward, I will keep you updated as I learn more about the situation.



HR Manager


To: All Company X Employees

Subject: Welcoming Mr. Jerry Barnes As Our New CEO

Hello All,

Mr. Peter Gallagher, our CEO, has made his decision to resign from company X and pursue new business ventures. Please address all unfinished business with Mr. Gallagher, as he will be out of office by April 15. Mr. Jerry Barnes will be taking his place as our new CEO.

We wish Mr. Gallagher good luck in his future endeavors. Please Join me in welcoming Mr. Barnes and making this transition as smooth as possible for him, and feel free to reply with any questions and concerns regarding this change.

Thank you,