Workplace Case Study

Workplace Case Study



This assignment gives you the opportunity to share what you might do in difficult situations in the workplace.


1. Using the scenario below, answer the following questions:

  1. How would you build a relationship with Kioko? List specific strategies.
  2. How would you present the new “gossip-free zone” to the staff? List how you would present this to them in a staff meeting. What types of questions would you ask? What types of responses might you expect from staff? How would you handle those questions?
  3. How can you honor Kioko’s culture while upholding official program policy?


Kioki relocated with her parents from Japan when she was in high school. Now, as a bright, creative, sensitive teacher, Kioko is viewed with great respects and caring by her peers. Kioko’s cultural heritage encourages her to help everyone “save face”. She takes care to make sure conflicts do not come out in the open. Kioko is more comfortable listening to people complain and gossip than she is to say anything to stop or divert them. The program has just agreed to become a “gossip-free zone”. One sentence of the new policy in particular troubles Kioko: “If you listen to gossip, you are gossiping.”