West Coast University Violent Media and Video Games Discussion

West Coast University Violent Media and Video Games Discussion


2 short discussion responses.


I. Violent media and video games can be commonly associated with anxiety and stress.

A. Oftentimes, children who experience aggressive behavior through video games and television are constantly on edge.

1. The article The Impact of TV Violence on children and adolescents states that Overexposure to violence that is characterized as realistic causes children to feel as if they live in a world that is primarily unsafe and dangerous.

2. Children may begin to overestimate the possibility that they will be victims of violence, leaving them with undue anxiety, and stress.

B. The dangers of violent media and video games can lead to physical health issues.

1. Stress and anxiety are commonly relieved through unhealthy behaviors such as accessive alcohol drinking, smoking, using drugs, and poor food choices which are all major causes of serious health issues and death.

2. These unhealthy habits that can be formed from the anxiety and stress of violent media are difficult to reverse and often times a lifelong challenge.

3. Not only can anxiety be a consequence of the consumption of violent media, but it may often lead children to have extreme and detrimental health issues and early death.


Near Mexico City, Don Julian Santana Barrera discovered a tragedy that gave him a permanent title of a caretaker to La Isla de La Munecas (The _ Island of the Dolls).

A. The island is just South of Mexico City located in-between the canals of Xochimilco, close to a football stadium Estadio Azteca.

B. It was on this Island where Julian fled and discovered a body of a young girl.

1. Sometime during the 1950’s Julian left his wife and family to live a secluded life to be able to grow a farm.

2. According to the Discovery Channel, Julian found the body of a young girl who drowned in a lake.

a. Shortly after the discovery, a doll was floated around exactly where the little girl’s body was found.

b. To commemorate her death Julian hung the doll where her body used to be.

Transition: Now that we know the location of the island and Julian’s sad discovery of the girl who drowned, I’ll tell you how the Island received its name.