week 4 discussion

week 4 discussion


Respond to the following:

Describe the considerations you would take into account when selecting the menu style for an application—and why. Support your response with examples.
Imagine you have been asked to help a novice designer effectively organize his menu content in an application. Provide the novice designer with the advice you feel would be most helpful when organizing content for menus. Support your response.

Post from Michael that you have to respond

There are several different ways you can design the menu style for your interface.  Like always, you must consider the user when deciding on the specific type of menu style you are going to incorporate in your design.  If you decide to get fancy with it, it could backfire on you and the majority find it difficult to navigate.  A design that has too many options can overwhelm the user to the point they become frustrated and give up trying to use your interface.  On the other side of the coin, a menu that does not have enough options and the user becomes frustrated again because the titles are so vague that they do not know where their specific item would be located (Levy, 2020).

I would inform the designer to really look at what he is creating, and who he is creati ng it for, then decide what menu scheme works best for that.  Depending on the flow of the interface greatly dictates the flow of the menu.  My choice would be the pull-down/pulled-right menu style. This style lists the items plainly and a user can scan down to see what exactly they are looking for.  By adding the arrow icon to the right, it lets the user know that there are further options with certain names (Developer, 2021).

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