WCU Nursing Case Study Discussion

WCU Nursing Case Study Discussion


Case 3: A 22-year-old female consulted you via telehealth and complains of 3 days watery diarrhea with 7-8 stools per day, generalized weakness, muscle pains and low grade fever. She recently arrived from her travel to Southeast Asia but has been on home quarantine for the last 5 days since her arrival. Other family members who travelled with her are asymptomatic.

For the case you have chosen, post to the discussion:

  • Discuss what questions you would ask the patient, what physical exam elements you would include, and what further testing you would want to have performed.

In SOAP format, list:

Pertinent positive findings that validate your main diagnosis

  • Pertinent negative findings that make you think of other differential diagnoses
  • Treatment plan, including: pharmacotherapy with complementary and OTC therapy, diagnostics (labs and testing), health education and lifestyle changes, age-appropriate preventive care, and follow-up to this visit.

Use at least one scholarly source other than your textbook to connect your response to national guidelines and evidence-based research in support of your ideas.