Walden University Analyzing Focus Group Findings Paper

Walden University Analyzing Focus Group Findings Paper


Imagine that two focus groups have been conducted in an Asian American and immigrant community in a large urban city. The rationale for conducting the qualitative study was a previous research finding that Asian Americans and immigrants are reluctant to seek mental health services. To further understand this issue, service providers including social workers, counselors, doctors, and nurses were recruited to discuss the barriers in implementing mental health services targeted to Asian Americans and immigrants. After the focus groups were transcribed, two research assistants completed a content analysis of the transcripts.

In this Assignment, you assume the role of the social worker reviewing the content analysis. You have been tasked with working with an advisory board in the community to formulate social work practice recommendations. You must also consider how culture may influence interpretation of qualitative data.

To Prepare:

  • Review the Content Analysis of Focus Groups document in the Learning Resources.

Submit a 3- to 4-page paper in which you:

  • List the main themes found in the Content Analysis of Focus Groups. Based on the data, provide a thorough analysis of the current barriers to services (found in each theme).
  • Select one barrier to service and create two social work recommendations to address that specific barrier. Use literature to support your recommendations.
  • Discuss how you would collaborate with other service providers and key community members to ensure that they understand the need for a culturally appropriate intervention.
  • Critically reflect on your own culture and explain how your cultural values and beliefs may have influenced how you interpreted the focus group data. What specific strategies would you undertake to become more culturally competent to practice or conduct research with this group?

Use the Learning Resources and peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles to support your paper. Make sure to include appropriate APA citations and a reference list.