Video Review – How Long-Haul Trucking

Video Review – How Long-Haul Trucking

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1. Watch the video: How Long-Haul Trucking Works

2. Answer the following questions:

Q1. Discuss the importance of trucks as the transportation method that carries the vast majority of freight across the US. 

Q2. Discuss the infrastructure required by long-haul over the road trucking in the US, including aspects resulted from labor law requirements around the drivers.

Q3. What are the typical features and services offered by truck stop facilities?

Q4. Present the economics of trucking with 1 driver or a team of 2 drivers, including cost and environmental impact of when using only 1 driver per truck.

Q5. According to the video, what is the future of autonomous trucking?

Q6. Discuss the economics of electric trucks presented by the video.