Variable Definitions Worksheet

Variable Definitions Worksheet



Define each of the terms. Write a definition in your own words.

  1. Conceptual definition 
  2. Self-report measure
  3. Observational measure
  4. Physiological measure
  5. Categorical variable 
  6. Quantitative variable 
  7. Ordinal scale 
  8. Interval scale 
  9. Ratio scale
  10. Reliability 
  11. Validity 
  12. Test-retest reliability 
  13. Interrater reliability 
  14. Internal reliability 
  15. Correlation coefficient 
  16. Slope direction 
  17. Strength 
  18. Average interitem correlation 
  19. Cronbach’s alpha 
  20. Face validity 
  21. Content validity 
  22. Criterion validity 
  23. Known groups paradigm 
  24. Convergent validity 
  25. Discriminant validity

Review Questions

  1. What is a variable? List at least five different variables and then describe at least two levels of each variable. For example, age is a variable. For adults, age has values that can be expressed in years starting at 18 and ranging upward. In an actual study, the age variable might be measured by asking for actual age in years, the year of birth, or providing a choice of age ranges such as 18-34, 35-54, and 55+. Sentence length is a variable. The values might be defined by the number of words in sentences that participants write in an essay.
  2. Define “operational definition” of a variable. Give at least two operational definitions of the variables you thought of in the previous review question.
  3. Distinguish among positive linear, negative linear, and curvilinear relationships.
  4. What is the difference between the nonexperimental method and the experimental method?