UO Cyber Security Analyst problem Solving in The Workplace Reflection

UO Cyber Security Analyst problem Solving in The Workplace Reflection


Personal Reflection: Problem Solving in the Workplace

It is important for students to understand how their curriculum is applied to real world workplace environments. How what you are studying can or will benefit you in your future, career. For this assignment, you will need to review your program’s curriculum and goals and compare that to your future Job CYBER SECURITY ANALYST

To complete the assignment, please follow the below instructions:

1. Review your program’s goals

The Executive PhD in IT Program consists of four components:  1) Program of Study; 2) Content Specialty Area; 3) Dissertation; and 4) a Comprehensive Exam. Through this course structure, The Doctor of Philosophy in Information Technology Program seeks to prepare candidates:

To use predictive analytics to identify cyber threats, employ big data analytics to improve healthcare, and empower smart cities to make policy changes for societal well-being.

  • To problem-solve – developing research-based, strategic, effective, and ethical solutions to optimize best practices in the field.  
  • To strengthen communication, collaboration, research, and critical thinking skills through a rigorous academic experience.
  • To equip graduates to meet the aggressive demand for qualified data scientists in virtually every sector of the economy.
  • 2. Reflect on future job -CYBER SECURITY ANALYST job duties and responsibilities.

Assignment Details:

Part 1 – Identify a Problem

Problem solving starts by being able to identify existing problems, gaps in service, inefficient systems/processes, flawed policies, or any other areas of our job/career where improvement is needed. Identify a problem or gap at your workplace and explain why/how this problem exists.

  • Part 2 – Solve the Problem

Use your knowledge that you’ve learned in the program (or hope to learn in a future course) to implement a plan to solve the problem.