University of Westminster Corporate Social Responsibility Discussion

University of Westminster Corporate Social Responsibility Discussion


You are required to prepare and present one short report to the class on a news article published in the last six months on a topic that is relevant to the topics covered in the course. The topic of the article does not have to correspond to what is being covered in the class at the time you present the article. The article must come from a well-known and reputable news source. You must submit an analysis of the article two days before your scheduled presentation. Then, on your scheduled day, you will present the analysis to the class in a three to five-minute oral report. You will be evaluated on the quality of your reports, presentation mechanics, and the questions your report stimulates. Try to find an article on a topic that has not already been presented unless your article is an update to the prior article.

The analysis should include the following:

  • An introduction to the topic and the report
  • What are the main points of the article?
  • What ethical, social, political, or economic issues are present and how do they relate to business and society?