University of West Alabama Acceptance Speeches Essay

University of West Alabama Acceptance Speeches Essay


Each question needs to be 1 paragraph.

1. Access the website Explain how the Electoral College maps for the 2012 and 2016 elections differed. Then construct a winning Electoral College strategy for the Democratic or Republican candidate you prefer in 2024. Focus on the likely swing states in your analysis. Why do you think these states may go Democratic or Republican in 2024?

2.Compare the acceptance speeches of the major party candidates for the presidential and vice presidential nominations. On the basis of your comparison, indicate to what extent these speeches previewed the principal appeals of the candidates in the general election. Compare these appeals to those of the minor party candidates.

3. How has the Internet changed the tactics and operations of presidential campaigns in recent years? To what extent has this new technology affected the democratic character of presidential elections?

4. From the perspective of American democracy, explain what you consider to be the major problem facing the presidential electoral system today. Then describe whether (and, if so, how) liberal, moderate, and conservative groups as well as the Democratic, Republican, and minor parties see the issue you have identified and indicate any solutions they have proposed to fix it. Which of their proposals do you think is best and why? If you do not think any of their proposals will be effective, then propose one of your own.