University of South Carolina Current News Essay

University of South Carolina Current News Essay


Find a current news article from the list of online news sources (listed below) about a subject that is related to American National Politics.  The article has to have been posted within the last 15 days. 

  • First, write a brief summary of the article. What is it talking about?
  • Then, post a question / discussion / counterpoint, that emerges from the article. It may be something that intrigued you, or something that sparked your curiosity by reading the article. It may be some personal reflection if the article is related close to you, your lifestyle, or your hometown, etc…. It may be a view that the article did not consider but you think it is relevant. Add something to the article!
  • Finish the article by posting a question that could be addressed with material from the course. The question should relate directly to your discussion of the article!

BBC Los Angeles Times USA Today

Bloomberg New York Times NPR

Fox News Wall Street Journal  The Guardian  

Washington Post The Hill Politico

Associated Press