University of Phoenix Business Discussion

University of Phoenix Business Discussion


Use the company you chose in Week 1(Apple) and continue to assume the role of a new manager. This week you’ll apply your work from Week 1 – Week 4 to create Part 1 of an implementation plan for the strategic objectives you drafted. Part 2 is due in Week 6. Incorporate faculty feedback from previous assignments.

Write Part 1 of your implementation plan in 350 to 700 words.

Create a vision statement that is supported by your strategic objectives.

Identify which of the 4 organizational structures your company reflects.

Analyze the effect on the company’s diversification of economies of scope and explain how your plan takes that into consideration, if your company has gone international as a result of new focus.

Assess training gaps to achieving the strategic objectives and recommend educational elements.

Analyze your human capital resource needs and explain development plans aimed at attracting and retaining top talent.

Analyze the internal and external environment and identify how you will monitor for changes. Briefly explain how you will adjust your implementation plan as a result of those changes.