University of Manitoba Evaluating Nutrition Information Report

University of Manitoba Evaluating Nutrition Information Report


Part 2: Evaluating Nutrition Information:

Prepare a  short report addressing the following points 

Pick a supplement, powder, shake, beverage website that makes a HEALTH-BASED claim. Eg: when you drink this shake, you will lose 5 lbs in 6 hours. 

Include a screenshot of the chosen product with your assignment. Copy the claim to your page as well if it is not part of the product screen shot. (1 mark).

Where did you find this product? State the URL and date it was accessed in your report. (1 marks)

Describe the claim being made. (1 marks)

Using the article from Dalhousie University, (Mar 26, 2021), assess your product’s legitimacy using 3 of the criteria discussed. You must pick a side and use evidence from the website to support your discussion. (all 5 attributes have to argue for or against, not a blend). Do not list more than 3. Only the first 3 will be marked (6 marks)

Overall, based on the above attributes, what is your final verdict on the credibility of this information? Is it credible nutrition information, or misinformation?