University of Louisiana Empathy Essay

University of Louisiana Empathy Essay


Prompt: Write an essay that looks at several works in this course and explains how reading or viewing these works will create empathy in others and how they created more empathy for others in you (Use Dr. Gelo’s film as a model); 

Discuss at least 3 works. Choose carefully. You should not have trouble making the paragraphs beefy if you give and discuss two examples from each work as per TAXES. Do not spend a lot of time summarizing the stories or poems or the play. Everyone will have read them (or most of them). What they are interested in are your reasons for choosing the works you have chosen. What can people learn from them? What did you learn from them? Why should people read them? 

Conclusion: Explain the good results that will come from following your advice regarding these works. Also discuss what reading these works have done for you in terms of your development as a reader or a professional (if you are a nurse or health care provider or potential health care provider). Give me a good, beefy paragraph.

the works I’ve selected: Elegy for My Father, On doctoring “The Use of Force” pg 73-76, Toenails