University of Guelph Revamp My Wheels Presentation

University of Guelph Revamp My Wheels Presentation


Development of a Digital Strategy for Your Blog 

 prepare a brief digital strategy outlining your goal, measurable objectives, strategies and tactics and how you’ll measure success.


Enhance your knowledge of social and digital media by developing your online brand strategy.

  • Overview

As a new digital marketing and communications professional, the Schulich Master of Marketing program provides an excellent opportunity to develop and cultivate your business network. But how can you use digital strategy to generate awareness for your personal brand, demonstrate your expertise, build relationships with potential mentors, employers and peers, and achieve your goal?

In this assignment, each student will have an opportunity to put the knowledge you gain in the course into practice by developing a digital strategy and then launching and managing a blog, creating content, promoting it on social media, and measuring success.


This assignment is worth 15% of your final grade. You can write in business style using bullets (single or double space). Creativity is part of the assignment so include visuals throughout. All citations should adhere to APA Style.


Online brand and blog strategy, tactics, and metrics submitted in PowerPoint, Canva, PDF, Google Slides, Keynote or any other visual storytelling medium. Decks should be 12 to 15 slides long excluding a cover page, table of contents and any references.

Your plan should tell a story, incorporate visuals creatively, be succinct and include:

Work goal – what you want to achieve

Measurable objectives (2 or 3) – use the S.M.A.R.T. formula

Strategic considerations – use the SWOT analysis and/or PESTEL or another strategy tool to list the barriers that could keep you from achieving your goal, what advantages/strengths you have. This informs your strategic approach.

Strategy for your online brand – how you’re going to get there

Blog overview – idea, topic, title and wireframe for a blog that you will launch and work on in the second half of the semester (Assignment 5)

Tactics – including your brand archetype(s) and how they will help you develop your brand character and voice (who you are online and off and how you convey that), a one-month content calendar with 4 ideas expressed as headlines, your proposed publishing frequency, how you’ll integrate your resume and portfolio, which social media channels you’re using and why, paid, earned, owned, and shared media promotion tactics (be creative), and how you’ll measure success.