University of Florida Is God Silent Discussion

University of Florida Is God Silent Discussion


In this board, we will be discussion John’s Gospel. We will have the chance to point to similarities and differences with Matthew’s Gospel and also make connections with material from prior modules.

The materials for this discussion board include the Reading Guide sections associated with our reading of John’s Gospel. This module is the second reading of a Gospel and focuses on the similarities and differences between John and Matthew.

Question 2

Initial posts: John’s Gospel includes longer discourses in which Jesus interacts at length in dialogue with someone. Choose and identify one such teaching and, using the Reading Guide information for John, offer some ideas as to how your discourse fits into John’s Gospel as a whole.

Begin with the Reading Guide pages for John (RG p. 457-468).
Now that you have become familiarized with John’s themes and structure through the Reading Guide, please read John’s Gospel.