Unit 7 focuses on the developmen

Unit 7 focuses on the developmen


Unit 7 focuses on the development of motor skills. Review this material before viewing the following videos.

Included here are three videos of young children engaging in activities using motor skills. For each video, write a paragraph that describes the events and the child’s behavior during the video. Focus on describing the motor skills that you observe. You have two main objectives for these paragraphs. First, provide relevant detail to help describe the actions portrayed in the video. Second, ensure that you are being objective: you should include in your description what you see and hear portrayed in the video. In your descriptions, do not include things that you can not see or hear: do not include your interpretations of what they behavior means, or what you think the child is thinking or feeling. Focus only on what you are able to observe.

After you have written a descriptive paragraph for each of the three videos (total of three paragraphs), write a brief paragraph summarizing across the three observations. What elements did the three videos have in common? What were different?

After the summary paragraph, write a paragraph that will integrate what you observed in the three videos with what you read in the unit 7 course materials. Be specific and use specific examples from what you observed in the videos. How does the behavior of these videos fit with the information presented in unit 7?

In summary: you will have a total of five paragraphs (this will probably be about 2 pages in total):

1. Description of video 1 (remember to be detailed and objective)

2. Description of video 2 (remember to be detailed and objective)

3. Description of video 3 (remember to be detailed and objective)

4. Summary of video observations

5. Integration of video observations with the course materials in unit 7.

This assignment will be worth a total of 25 points towards your course grade. It is due by 10/11.  Below, I will include the three videos followed by a link to submit your assignment (you can type the assignment using word or another word processor) as well as the rubric I will use to grade your assignment.

Video 1: Fine Motor Skills in 3-year-old classroom

Video 2: Fine Motor Skills 2-year-old with Mega Blocks

Toddler playing with Mega Blocks

Video 3: 4- and 5-year-olds at sensory table