Unit 3 – Individual Project Unit: Developing Individual Team Members

Unit 3 – Individual Project Unit: Developing Individual Team Members


This week, you will write a 5-page basic training and development proposal for leadership development that includes motivational theory and ways to improve performance and drive across the group within the workplace. You will need to use 3 scholarly sources in your writing.

Planning and Execution

Review the information that you have gathered and the analysis that you have conducted. If necessary, do some more data gathering related to leadership development and a leadership succession pipeline.

Prepare a 5-page proposal that addresses the following issues:

What is the workplace you are working with (to remind your readers)?

What is the workplace presently doing to develop current and future leaders?

What are the leadership development and leadership succession needs that should be addressed?

  • What are the interventions that you will provide to enhance leadership development and succession?
  • Who will need to participate (at any level) in the training and development initiative?
  • When will the initiative take place?
  • What is the basic schedule for rolling out your initiative?