UCO Living on One Dollar Essay

UCO Living on One Dollar Essay


1) Responsiveness to Topics and Questions: Clearly addresses all topics and responds effectively and thoroughly
to all aspects of the assignment
2) Sociological/Theoretical analysis and Reflection: explores the issues showing thorough reflection and
understanding of connections between personal experience, course content and film’s theme; effectively seeks
to understand concepts and course material by critically examining possible relationships between material and
film content
3) Use of Film Details/Examples: Rich supporting details relating film content to course that enhance the
effectiveness of communication; ideas supported by apt evidence/examples; is coherently and logically
4) Organization: Is coherently and logically organized (i.e. stays on target with the topic); expresses logical
progression between ideas; careful and effective transitions
5) Control of Mechanics, Paper Length and Proper References: Is generally free from errors in mechanics,
usage, and sentence structure Paper meets length requirements & material needing citation is appropriately cited

Living on a Dollar

Prompt: Living on A Dollar 

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