UCLA Customer & Buyer Persona Project

UCLA Customer & Buyer Persona Project


Using your project briefs, assemble a customer persona using data pulled from the research tools explored. Your persona should include basic demographic information about the typical customer (2pts), and psychographic information (2pts) and be composed in a narrative format (1pt) so that the reader gets a good sense of what the typical customer is like. Make sure to cite your references and that you choose to use the tools: Ad$pender, SRDS, MRI – Simmons,Winmo, eMarketer, Statista, Ad Forum,, to discuss to pull information in addition to anything you find online.

Project briefs:San Francisco-based tech company Uber was founded in 2009 as a way to connect people in the city who needed rides (but couldn’t find taxis) with limousine and town car drivers who wanted to make extra money. In 2020, Uber Technologies generated almost 6.09 billion U.S. dollars in revenue from its ride-sharing operations worldwide. The company had more than 100 million monthly users all over the world before the coronavirus pandemic hit. Now that the pandemic is passing in many countries, analysts expect Uber Mobility, their ride sharing part of the business, to rebound as people begin to travel again, but the challenge for Uber remains frequency.

According to Pew Research, Only one in 10 users of ride-hailing services say they use these apps at least weekly, including just 2 percent who say they use them every day or almost every day. That’s actually down from 3 percent in 2015. Which means there aren’t that many folks who see ride-hail as an everyday commuting option. How can Uber encourage riders to fulfill more rides between attending events, meeting friends, going to restaurants, shopping. Develop an integrated marketing plan that encourages Uber customers to use the service more frequently.