Troy University Travel Photos Worksheet

Troy University Travel Photos Worksheet

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Chapter 7 PROJECT 3: Share Your Travel Photos

(This assignment differs from that on pages 319-321 in the textbook.)

1) Download file from the Module 7 area of Canvas

2) Unzip all files (ALL FILES ARE ATTACHTED)

3) Locate file chapter07-project3.html and bring it up with your browser noting that it needs a lot of CSS formatting

4) Locate file bootstrap.min.css and move it to the required directory per the reference in file chapter07-project3.html

5) Edit file chapter07-project3.html to make named items into classes as needed (i.e. add periods)

6) Refresh file chapter07-project3.html to ensure that it looks like Figure 7.57 on page 320. Take a screen snapshot of your completed webpage.

7) Zip all files, including your screen snapshot file, into a single .zip file.