Transformation Process Discussion

Transformation Process Discussion

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Data storage can be the squeaky wheel when you’re migrating enterprise applications to the cloud, especially VMware workloads. Because these applications have commonly required significantly more storage than CPU and memory, cloud adopters tend to purchase more nodes than needed. Scalability, yes; cost savings, maybe.

When building out on-premises IT infrastructures in the past, it’s been very common to overcompensate and buy the storage infrastructure needed way down the road, not the one needed today.

Cloud computing turned “overcapacity as a practice” on its head. The whole point of cloud is to buy only what you need—to have elasticity in demand and usage and pay accordingly. But when it came to hybrid cloud investments for storage-capacity-skewed workloads—such as big data and AI—in virtualized environments, overcapacity and underutilization could blow up your TCO. How does netapp become more effective in the market