Tourism Popular Influencers & Their Forms of Travel Questions

Tourism Popular Influencers & Their Forms of Travel Questions


We Are Sometimes Influenced More Than We Realize

Information and suggestions from one’s friends and relatives are an important form of word-of-mouth (WOM). Yet increasingly we are influenced by digital content provided via social media channels like Instagram. The travel interests of members of Generation Z, the generation you are part of, is particularly shaped by influencers and other content on social media. Such information can not only exert significant influences on a traveler’s decision-making, but often times such information is perceived as having a higher level of reliability and relevancy when compared to other sources of information. 

Review the following Longitude Design website promoting the Instagram accounts of 20 travel influencers. After briefly persuing the Instagram accounts linked their, select any combination of four particular influencers that you will then reference when responding to the prompts below.

Think About This

Make sure to number your answers based on the questions, and be sure to address four different influencers by their Instagram handles in each of your responses. 

How would you characterize the forms of travel each of your four influencers is associated with? Are there particular niche forms of tourism you can identify? If so, state those. If not, use your own words to compare and contrast the four influencers. 

What factors influence how much influence these individuals’ accounts may exert on one’s travel choices (either yours or other people’s choices)? You do not have to be limited to the following factors, though things you might discuss to compare and contrast the influencers could include the nature of the images they use, who and what is represented in their images, how much verbal content they are providing, and so forth.

Which one of these four had the most influence on you? Why?

Which of these influencers do you find least influential in terms of provoking your interest in travel? Why were they or their content less effective or compelling? 


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