Topic 7 DQ 1 & 2. APA 7

Topic 7 DQ 1 & 2. APA 7


This is a discussion question with no need for an introduction or conclusion, also use the school book info attached.

Read Chapters 18, 19, 20, and 22 in Effective Intercultural Communication: A Christian Perspective.

Topic 1 (200 words)

Charles Kraft has identified several myths (some of which are outlined in sidebar 18.1 of Chapter 18 in your textbook) about the communication of the gospel (for the full list, see Kraft 1991a, 35–54; note also the critique and notations in Hesselgrave and Rommen 1989, 193–96). As you read through the list, can you identify any that you have believed? If you think it is not a myth, how would you respond?

Topic 2 (200 words)

Chapter 18 describes different evangelistic methods based on assumptions about the conversion process as well as communicative elements of cultures that shape decision-making responses to the sharing of the gospel. What do you think about these methods? Do you think one is better than the others? Do you think they all have some merits and some drawbacks? Explain, analyzing specific elements of the methods as you compare them.