These are questions based on a set of readings

These are questions based on a set of readings


In answering these questions, attempt to identify themes and concepts in the previous week’s readings and explain or use them to answer the questions. You are expected to have a critical analysis and paraphrase or quote the readings. You will be graded on connection to course materials, creativity, and personal understanding.

1. Pick one person impacted by the sex trade in 1880-1940 (such as a white woman sex worker, white man client, African American man client, African American woman sex worker, Asian American woman who was not a sex worker or a client, queer native American woman who occasionally does sex work to pay rent). How was this person positively and/or negative impacted by social and governmental policies around intermixing of races found in sex work? (cite Wild)  [300 words]

2. How did WWII negatively impact Central Avenue? How would you compare the 1950s decline of a Black neighborhood compared to discussions about the decline of Black house-ownership and gentrification today?  (cite “Hotel Dunbar” or Chapple) [300 words]

3. African Americans in Los Angeles achieved a higher standard of living compared to their eastern and southern counterparts, despite the growing discrimination within the city/county. Talk about the discrimination and African American success in 1 area as noted in Sides article, i.e., work, education, homeownership, transportation, etc. [200]
3. Do you agree or disagree with the premise that whiteness maintained its power through creating institutions such as Dodger’s Stadium. Explain your thoughts. (cite Avila) [300 words]

CAoR #2