TH 110 Hudson County Community College Story of Jesus Christ Discussion Questions

TH 110 Hudson County Community College Story of Jesus Christ Discussion Questions


1. World Religions: The Great Faiths Explained and Explored (WR):…


The Golden Rule

What is Religion?

Ancient Religions

Native Americans and their Religion

Religion and Politics in America

Religion and Society in Americ

Hinduism in India and in America

Buddhism in the World and in America

  • East Asian Religions in Today’s America
  • Questions: 
  • Please answer all the questions below each question in at least one paragraph with details below each question put your the answers
  • (1.) All religious traditions have a “story” – whether you believe in that particular religion or not dictates whether the story is real or not for you. Why do you think that myths persist in our modern society? What function do they serve?
  • (2.) Discuss the role of the shaman in the Native American AND any other religious tradition.
  • (3.) Name three well-known Hindu deities. Give me two pieces of information about each, and also tell me the specific role they play in the Hindu religion.

(4.) How/why did the caste system develop in India, and what are its religious roots? Then explain this phrase: “If you do your dharma, you get good karma.”

(5.) Give me two reasons why the Neolithic period allowed for the development of “religion”. Then, using any religion that you are familiar with (your own or something you have read about for this course), select any three of the common features of primitive religions I presented in the notes, and tell me where they show up in current religious practices.

(6.) Show me how the three main teachings of the Buddha (Four Noble Truths, Middle Way, Eightfold Path) blend together fluidly in specific Buddhist practices.