Systems Essay

Systems Essay


Clearly and accurately references the argument/arguments of the readings you are drawing on, using your own words and without merely quoting; and

Takes a position on this argument, but do so in a way that uses sound logic or credible evidence to support your position. You should avoid referencing personal experiences as ‘proof’ unless specifically asked to do so; instead, stick to what is (or isn’t) stated in the readings themselves.

The purpose of the weekly assignments is to engage with and think about the assigned texts for that week, to practice writing (and consequently to practice thinking), and to practice communicating clearly. In particular, the assignments provide an opportunity to work on thinking critically** about the structures of technology and information systems and their interactions with social worlds.

**What does it mean to think critically? This does not mean simply to be negative, to harbor dystopian views about technology, or to be a pessimist, or a luddite, or a crank. It does mean being skeptical. It means considering the evidence presented and its strengths and weaknesses. It means examining the arguments being made and their logic. It means being willing to examine your own assumptions, biases, and lacunae and potentially to change your mind in the face of strong evidence.