summarize and analyze an article

summarize and analyze an article


You are to summarize and analyze an article from a marketing, advertising, or media trade journal or from the business section of The New York Times that you consider topical to the advertising/marketing communications subjects we are studying or is in some other way important to marketing communications.  

First, make sure you properly cite the article you are submitting.

After you cite the article, do the following, using the appropriate section titles for each of the following numbered sections: (1) Concepts: At the beginning of your discussion, LIST the concepts or topics that you will be discussing.  (2) Summary: Write a short summary of the article’s major point(s).  (3) Relevance: Then, indicate how the article pertains to any of the marketing concepts, principles, topics, etc. that we are studying, discussing in class or reading about in Course Documents or the textbook.  (4) Importance: Explain why you think the article and its content is important. (5) Discerning Question: Pose a question for further analysis pertinent to the topic that can be further discussed in class; for example, if you showed how the article related to the use of Social Networks by marketers for purposes other than offering “deals” or coupons, you might ask, “In what other ways might marketers use ‘content oriented’ social media to add value to the brand while at the same time enhancing a customer’s experience”?

It should not be too long (a few sentences for each of the above outlined sections) and must be well organized for ease of reading and for following your rationale (the logic of your argument).