Strayer Univeristy Product Innovation Discussion

Strayer Univeristy Product Innovation Discussion


Week 3 Discuss – Product Innovation

This week’s assignment asks you to apply what you’ve learned about product development and operations. This discussion provides an opportunity to practice applying these concepts.

Find a recent article or video describing a new product in development. Post a link to the article or video in the discussion thread and answer the following questions in your discussion post:

  • What need is the new product trying to fill? Do you think it will meet that need?
  • Based on the course readings, what type of innovation does the new product represent?
  • What kind of process do you think will be used to make the product? Would it be possible to produce a lot of the product in a short amount of time? In other words, is the production process scalable?
  • Will the company have an advantage being first to the market with this product? Why or why not?