Stevenson University Case Proposal Essay

Stevenson University Case Proposal Essay


From a communications standpoint and using communications theories. Create a case proposal (s) for the topic/ research question below and complete the sections below. Please include one or two cases that tie into the research question 

My research question is What weaknesses exist in Amazon’s crisis response management in cases of natural disaster, and how can they be strengthened?

The topic: six people working at one of Amazon`s warehouses died from a tornado in 2021. The employees were alleged to be forced to work regardless of the tornado warning. The delayed response to the incident was one of the main challenges in the context. 

crisis management 

poor communication from leadership impacts workers and the work environment 

communciation theories on crisis communication 

1. Research Question

Use this section to clearly state your research question and why it is important. Explain how it connects to your major and studies so far at Stevenson University.

2. Background for the Case

State the facts of the case that you wish to examine. Write this like a literature review where you synthesize multiple sources. Use reputable, recognized, and firsthand sources whenever possible. Tell this as the story of the case.

3. Theories for Case Analysis

Write a brief literature review for any of the theories that you will use to analyze the case. Your project must use theories from your program of study.

4. Methods

Use this section to describe how you will analyze the case. Specifically explain (1) where you got the data that you analyzed and (2) how you will use communication theories to analyze that data. Demonstrate that your method has rigour, as discussed by Yin in the textbook.