Statistics discussion quick question

Statistics discussion quick question

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I’m working on a statistics exercise and need support to help me learn.

Read the paper by Werre, Boucher, Beachey carefully to answer the following questions:

State the dependent variables and independent variables considered in the study.

Identify and share the percentage of patients who were readmitted 30 days post discharge after receiving protocol RT?

Discuss the factors that you found to be critical in determining the length of the hospital stay.

  1. State the null hypothesis (based on the subjects receiving non-protocol RT) of the probability of readmission after 30 days of discharge, and the alternate hypothesis.
  2. Share your calculation for the p-value for the proportion of subjects who will be readmitted after 30 days of discharge that received protocol RT.
  3. Discuss if your findings are statistically significant? (justify your answer with appropriate calculation/code).