Stanford University Digital Analytics for Marketing Discussion

Stanford University Digital Analytics for Marketing Discussion


Sponder, M., & Khan, G. F. (2018). Digital Analytics for Marketing. Routledge. p. 10-59.

Also, bring three outside references they must be APA format.

For this discussion, imagine the following scenario: You visit a new restaurant in your community, and you end up having a disappointing experience. The restaurant has been promoted a lot both online and in the mainstream media, so you are disappointed that it did not live up to the hype.

  • If you wanted to share your disappointment online, how would you do it?
  • How could the restaurant capture and analyze the sentiment of your comments?
  • Provide concrete reasons for your assessments as well as references whenever you use external information.

Subject: Hints

Good Morning:

You have almost completed the web analytics course. Please establish SMART objectives and KPIs for your campaign. How could you measure the impact of your campaign using web analytics?

Use, at a minimum, your owned (social media accounts) to disseminate information. How does earned come into play? Be creative and ethical.