Special Effects of Boredom Questions

Special Effects of Boredom Questions


1-List and explain the six-step strategic management process. Focus specifically on what managers do in that process.
2- What is a SWOT analysis and why is it important to managers?
3- Although SWOT analysis is performed at the organizational level, let’s practice what we learned on a product. Select a product that you like and use regularly.  Do a SWOT analysis of it. List at least two items in each section of the SWOT and provide 1-2 sentence explanation of each issue.
4- Strengths and Weaknesses: Perform a personal SWOT analysis. Assess your personal strengths and weaknesses (skills, talents). What are you good at? What are you not so good at? What do you enjoy doing? Not enjoy doing? Describe the analysis of your strengths and weaknesses.
5- Based on your personal strengths and weaknesses analysis above, identify career opportunities and threats by researching job prospects in the industry you’re interested in. Look at trends and projections. Explain your findings.
6- Develop a specific career action plan based on your personal SWOT analysis. Outline five-year career goals and what you need to do to achieve those goals.


How boredom can lead to your most brilliant ideas, Manoush Zomorodi, TED 2017 (16:14 min)

Copy and paste the URL below in your browser to find the video. If the URL doesn’t work, open YouTube (or if applicable) and search for the title. Click on the ‘closed caption’ [cc] or ‘subtitle languages’ to select subtitles.

Watch the video and provide specific, thorough and well-developed answers to the questions below:

1- According to experts, what happens in our brains when we are bored?
2- Explain what happens during the ‘default mode’.
3- Describe what happens in the brain every time we shift our attention from one thing to another.
4- How often do we shift our attention now compared to before?
5- According to this video, what did Netflix CEO recently say were its competitors?
6- Share any issues you can think of with your own cellphone use and list two action steps you can take to remedy the situation. to an external site.