Southern New Hampshire University Databases Case Study

Southern New Hampshire University Databases Case Study


Final milestone project. asked professor for help she sent me back these questions. im lost need two by step help.

So, what is the objective? How are you going to set that up so you can enter that cell into the Solver Objective box? As stated, you are trying to maximize profits by determining the mix of wine varieties. So, how do you set that profit cell up?

Next you are varying some numbers. In this scenario, the mix of products is what you are looking for. This would be your variable range in the solver.

Third, what are your constraints? I see your constraints listed inn column D cells 17-20, but I don’t understand what the column B numbers are in cells 17-20. What do you want to be less than 200,000? The weight of all the bottles from all three wine varieties is. What is less than 22,000? The final # of bottles of red wine…..