Social Aspects of Electronic Media Discussion Board 6

Social Aspects of Electronic Media Discussion Board 6

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  • Has mass media content ever primed a reaction in you?  Do you think many people are aware of priming effects?

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Mass media content has definitely primed a reaction to me before. And in fact, I believe that everybody has been primed for a reaction by the mass media content. First, mass media has filled every aspect of our life. Every day when we use our mobile devices, we spend so much time browsing social media and other apps, and we gather different forms of information. For Example, current events like the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine; some historic events like Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant collapsed, how people dealt with it; and gossip news like how a celebrity has an affair with someone. When we see information on social media, we create an image of that event in our brain, and the next time we see things related to that event, our brain will pull the image in our brain up and connect the two things together. The priming effect is something we can’t resist because it’s not an objective opinion, it’s something that comes with us being human.

I believe people are not so aware of priming effects. Priming effects are only aware by people when they know the term and the concept behind this. When priming effects happen, most people would just think that they have a good memory, and connect the two things together, so they have a sense of what they are dealing with. Priming effect can be somewhat dangerous, according to Oliver, several studies have shown that those who watch violent TV or play violent video games are more likely to have aggressive thoughts (Oliver et al, 2019, p.90). When people are not aware of what they are doing, they may do dangerous activities that are similar to violent TV shows and video games.