SMC History of American Slavery Essay

SMC History of American Slavery Essay


1) Summary of the Argument(s): Describe the main historical argument of the text. What is the main point of argumentation? Note: If you are dealing with a group of articles or primary sources, you will need to approach this differently. Describe, instead, how the articles fit together. What story do they tell as a whole? Or, what debates or perspectives do they cover?

2) Evidence: How is the argument supported? What type of source materials does the author use? How is the text organized?

  1. 3) Evaluation: How does this author contribute to the historiography? Does the author make a convincing argument? How does this text work as a piece of historical writing? How does it relate to your knowledge of history or other books you have read (either inside or outside this course)?
  2. Structure: -Frame/Intro:
  3. -Include book title, authors, etc.
    -Introduce the piece (this book/articles argue(s) the following…) -The big picture, condensed

-Summarize articles/book more specifically and describe sources
-Remember to describe what the authors do, and not to confuse the authors view with with the actual history, analyst vs. actors
-Describe how each author uses the sources, choices they made, and how they are applied -Inspired by which theory, method, etc?

-Again, what is the purpose of this history?
-What does this show us that is new? How does it add to my understanding? Any critiques? –What is the significance?