Sketch and Answer those questions about Igneous.

Sketch and Answer those questions about Igneous.

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State the difference between magma and lava.

State and define the two main categories of igneous rocks.

  1. Processes that form magma – Explain three methods of melting by sketching and labeling a temperature-pressure diagram, stating the processes that occur, and where this type of melting occurs.
  2. Geologists classify magma based on its chemical composition: what are the four categories of magma and how much silica is there in each?
  3. List the four factors that play a role in the composition of magma. Write a brief phrase of what each factor is.
  4. State the two reasons why magma rises.
  5. Define viscosity and state three things it depends on.
  6. Fill in the blank: A _______ (mafc/felsic) magma is ________ (more/less) viscous, and therefore contains ________ (more/less) silica and votalies and ________ (will/will not) be more explosive.
  7. State the mechanisms that control the rate of magma cooling. State how the rate of magma cooling will affect the size of minerals.
  8. What is a magma chamber and where in the layers of the Earth does it form?
  9. Sketch and label the four types of intrusions (features) a magma can form — dike, sill, pluton, and batholith.
  10. State the two main characteristics geologists look at to classify and assign names to igneous rocks. What information does each of these characteristics provide? 
  11. Sketch a chart (with composition in columns and texture in rows) you can use to identify an igneous rock (hint: see Figure 4.14b).