Santa Monica Community Communication in Leadership Literature Review

Santa Monica Community Communication in Leadership Literature Review


Literature Review 

 write a literature review on a communication topic of your choosing. You are required to use a minimum of 6 academic/scholarly sources. Your literature review should be exemplary and organized thematically. The literature review should include a cover page, introduction, body, conclusion, and reference page.

Formatting as follows:

Introduction: (1 paragraph) Thesis, significance of research topic, and primary preview.

Body: (2.5-4.5 pages) Six or more academic/scholarly sources are summarized and synthesized to show your understanding of how each study informs your research topic.

*Summarize and synthesize: Give an overview of the main points of each source and combine them into a coherent whole.

*Analyze and interpret: Don’t just paraphrase other researchers – add your own interpretations where possible, discussing the significance of findings in relation to the literature as a whole.

  • *Critically Evaluate: Mention the strengths and weaknesses of your sources.
  • Conclusion: (1 paragraph) Restate thesis, primary summary, final statement. Demonstrate the need for future research.  

Tips for writing a literature review:

Avoid direct quotations. Paraphrase as much as possible. 

Use headers between main sections (introduction, body, conclusion) and sub-sections (main points within the body of the speech).

Use transitions between main points and articles in the body. Each source and idea should be clearly linked with a smooth transition.