Santa Monica College Louis Armstrong Autobiography Discussion

Santa Monica College Louis Armstrong Autobiography Discussion


Installment #2 (30 points): Students will submit the background research/citation showing high-quality, relevant research sources and knowledge of proper citation procedures. Any source from which quotes or paraphrased material is taken must be cited, otherwise you are guilty of plagiarism, a serious academic offense (See to an external site. ).

I would like to see at least four bibliography entires, each with a quote and accompanying analysis. Ideally, each source will come from a different types of source (book, article, internet article, interview, etc), but I am willing to be flexible with this (especially since the pandemic still limits many students’ ability to access resources). Each of the bibliography entries must be cited in proper MLA-8 formatting. Help with MLA-8 formatting can be found here: to an external site.. See below for one example of how each of the four entries should be formatted:


Stephen Holden. “Jazz: Miles Davis Quintet.” New York Times (1923-Current File), 2 Jan. 1982.


“…grown into a tightly knit ensemble, whose strengths have more to do with textural nicety than with solo fireworks. The guitarist Mike Stern laid cool chordal groundwork for Mr. Davis’s solos and in his own solos bolstered Mr. Davis’s ideas with a distinctly trumpetlike timbre. The saxophonist Bill Evans, on the other hand, played it hot against Mr. Davis’s cool, for rich but subtle emotional contrasts. The drummer Al Foster worked effectively in a restrained light-funk style, and in the second set moved comfortably into a Spanish rhythmic mode.” (Holden, 11).


Davis was extremely particular about his groups, and every band member’s contribution added up to help bring his vision to life (this can be anywhere from a sentence to a whole paragraph).

Attached below is my introduction to the paper. Please find sources and information on Louis Armstrong only. please use credibly sources and follow directions carefully for assignment.