Santa Monica College Art Bibliography

Santa Monica College Art Bibliography


Type a bibliographic entry as well as a one-paragraph summary for each of the 2 sources. Think of writing 1-page for each source. These entries/summaries should make it easier for you to format a Works Cited page while you are writing the essay. The summaries should detail the most important parts of the source in relation to your topic, as well as be a place for you to copy out important ideas or quotes. You must submit a minimum of 2 summaries. Each summary should be 3/4-1 page double-spaced and should include the following:

      • The name of the author and the type of source.
      • 1-2 sentences to articulate the thesis, or main purpose of the source.
      • 6-8 sentences to identify what you as the reader found interesting or important in this source.
      • Use 3-4 in-text citations–direct quotes!–explaining their significance

      I have attached an example of bibliography

    • Below are the two websites to use for each source: