San Diego State University Political Science Essay

San Diego State University Political Science Essay


The state that you will be talking about is Washington state government write in essay format, a description of their state government by answering the following questions. Be sure to answer each part, many of the bullet points actually contain 2 or 3 questions. Conclude by giving some assessment of why the state may be more or less effective based on what you learned about it. Use standard formatting (double space, 12pt Times New Roman, 1” margins, 2-3 pages, sources can be peer evals journals, websites that provide numbers, books).

Describe the size of the legislature (both chambers)

What is the partisan makeup, has it been this way for a long time?

How often are elections for each chamber and what are the requirements to win (plurality or majority?)

  • How often are they in session
  • How much full time and part time staff are there? How much staff is added during the session?
  • Who is the governor? Are they term limited? Is government unified or divided?
  • Are offices such as Lt Governor or Attorney’s General appointed or elected?
  • What legislative powers does the governor have? Ex) line-item veto? Special session? Is the governor characterized as ‘weak’ or ‘strong’?
  • Does the state allow for initiatives? Referendums? Recall elections?
  • Based on all of this information, assess the effectiveness or level of influence of the state government. This may include an assessment of professionalization, representation, gubernatorial powers, or any other measure of what you’d consider ‘effective governance’.