San Diego State University American Indian Study Questions

San Diego State University American Indian Study Questions


Please answer the following questions in at least 400 words (total, not per question.) Remember, you’re always welcome to go over the word minimum requirement, just not under! 

1. First, please summarize and synthesize what we covered in Modules 6 and 7, as if you were teaching this week’s materials to a peer. What were the most important take-aways? What key quotes from the readings and main ideas would you discuss?

2. What key parts or quotes from the documentary, “We Shall Remain: Tecumseh’s Vision” stood out to you? How did the documentary provide historical context to better understand the War of 1812 and the birth of the United States as a nation?

3. How did the “War of 1812” interactive article serve as an example of “historical thinking”?

4. Based on the “War of 1812” and “The Dying of Tecumseh and Birth of a Legend” sources, please analyze the Tecumseh sculpture depicted. Provide historical context and analyze its significance. How might this sculpture connect to materials from previous Modules and our key term “firsting and lasting”?

5. Lastly, reflect on your thoughts/reactions to this week’s materials. What new information did you learn? What was interesting to you, or what information resonated with you most? Were there any other connections you noticed?

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War of 1812:…

The Dying of Tecumseh and Birth of a Legend:…