San Antonio Community College Environmental Science Discussion

San Antonio Community College Environmental Science Discussion


Climate Change

For this assignment, consider all that you are familiar with regarding climate change.

In your opinion, is climate change the “driving force” causing changing patterns of animal agriculture production?

What are the patterns of animal production? (for example, Wisconsin is a dairy state, Iowa is a swine state, and North Carolina is a turkey state.

What do you believe the cause of patterns of animal production? Could climate change be an explanation?

For example, what role does genetic adaptation in explaining changing agriculture production patterns?

Climate change is characterized by a warmer and drier climate.

How does this impact animal agriculture?

What are the secondary impacts on animal agriculture beyond a warmer and drier climate?

Can we rely on science to resolve the climate change issue as it impacts agriculture?

Of the different impacts of climate change, which impacts agriculture the most?

Will agriculture production patterns change if climate change is reversed?

For example, if a warmer drier climate restricts water use, how will animal agriculture adapt?