Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota Sociology Discussion

Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota Sociology Discussion

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The successful lawsuit against McDonalds over a hot cup of coffee has almost become an urban legend, and many people offer an opinion about it, but what really happened and how can we understand this and similar events sociologically? The following short video summarizes the facts of the case and provides context to the events:

After watching the video, here are some ideas for discussion:

  • Who is asserting a claim of deviance against another party in the video? On what basis? Be specific and describe in detail who is making the assertion and on what basis they argue the other person/party is deviant.
  • What types of social control are visible in the video? Who is exercising them, and against whom? Be specific in your description.
  • What roles do groups and organizations play in the issues presented? Explain and elaborate, applying related concepts from the text.