Saint Leo University Sports Products Discussion

Saint Leo University Sports Products Discussion


CH. 9 – Timing of communications involves three different schedules: continuous, flighting, and pulsating. For each, describe a sports product that would use that type of scheduling.

Characteristics of the three scheduling approaches should be considered. For example, flighting schedule is appropriate when a product has seasonal or short-term demand among consumers. So, a three-day auto racing event is best served by a short term communications schedule given the limited availability to consume the event.

CH. 10 – Pick a professional sports team (major league or minor league). Discuss how the team uses sales promotions. Does it use risk-reducing incentives or value-added incentives, or both? What are the benefits of using the sales promotions? What are the dangers? Do you think the sports team is using about the right amount, or should they be increased or decreased? Why?