Saint Leo University Criminal Justice Paper

Saint Leo University Criminal Justice Paper

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You area newly hired police chief in a large metropolitan city; you recognize the rapidly changing political and social climate in the United States and understand the new challenges it presents for law enforcement.As the Chief, you administrators and line supervisors must possess leadership skills that allow them to connect with a wide-ranging demographic within the police agency while remaining dedicated to their primary mission of serving the public. The success of a police agency is dependent upon the effectiveness of its leaders. There is a defined command hierarchy in all law enforcements departments. Most departments are designed with a paramilitary rank structure and officers are expected to follow the chain-of-command. It is important for leaders to delegate responsibilities and trust their subordinates to successfully execute those duties with minimal oversight. Leaders must build a network of trust and accountability from the top down through the ranks while fostering new leaders and encouraging new ideas. Providing officers with informal leadership roles is paramount to the professional development of officers as well as the implementation of new ideas in the agency. 

What leadership styles are you looking for in your supervisors (corporals, sergeants, lieutenants, captains, majors) and why?

What leadership styles are you looking for in your administrators (asst. chiefs, IA, human resources, forensics, public information officer, etc).  and why?