RU Adidas and Nike Marketing Questions

RU Adidas and Nike Marketing Questions

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Read the attached report that I am writing. Answer the following questions in detail. Be specific.

1. Based on the STUDY FINDINGS, summarize the overall key themes/findings in a concise way (ideally you will end up with 3-4 ‘important’ themes or findings that relate to all of the company/brands studied). For each theme/finding, discuss the “so what?” implications for this industry. Conclude this section by recommending ways for the industry as a whole to take advantage of the identified opportunities and/or deal with potential threats (e.g. perhaps in relation to improving its members’ competitiveness/customer loyalty/online presence/reputation, etc…)

2. Look back at the information sources you used. Which sources would you consider to be most/least credible? Which ones are considered biased vs. unbiased? Which ones are most/least up to date? Did you notice any other potential problems with the information you found? Finally, most studies conclude with not only answers but more questions. What ‘next steps’ would you recommend in terms of additional research to be conducted?