Restaurant Management System Paper

Restaurant Management System Paper



1.    Create a database-driven Windows form application using VB.Net and ADO.Net.
2.    Create a Restaurant database application. Be creative with the idea.
3.    Development should in Microsoft Visual Studio.
4.    Your application should involve querying and retrieving data from database table(s), and at least one of inserting/updating/deleting database table(s).
5.    You may use any RDBMS, including but not limited to Microsoft SQL server, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft Access.
6.    You may add any other functionality (not related to database) to your application based on your creativity. (e.g.: Login, Validation of Forms, Calculation, images. etc)
7.    Your code should be readable, well-documented (include comments wherever applicable) and well structured. 

8.    Prepare a brief report about your application. The report should contain the following contents:
          a.    Design of your Window form(s) with the names of each GUI control clearly labelled;
          b.    Description of how to use your application;
          c.    Screenshot of your application in action;            
          d.    Code for each Windows form in your application (only in report);